The NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, has responded to the Government’s consultation on its proposed National Funding Formulae (NFF) for schools, high needs and central school services by calling for increased investment in schools to ensure that funding in all schools increases substantially.

The NASUWT welcomes measures contained in the NFF proposals to provide transitional protection for schools, but believes that the change to the funding methodology must be accompanied by significant additional investment in schools.

The NASUWT’s submission to the Department for Education raises concerns that unjustified claims about future school funding levels has led to some schools asking parents to make unjustified and discriminatory financial contributions to school funds, whilst also planning to cut the jobs of teachers and support staff.

The NASUWT calls on the Secretary of State to act to end panic in the system and to ensure that all schools act appropriately in ensuring that the educational entitlements of all pupils are met fully.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:

“The NASUWT has continued to argue that funding provided to schools up to 2019/20 must increase by more than that set out in Government policy and to offset real terms funding losses over the period since 2010.

“Notwithstanding this, it is vital that schools have an accurate picture about the funding issues they face to avoid implementing unnecessary cuts in educational provision or staffing.

“It is regrettable that some schools and commentators have sought to conflate the proposed National Funding Formula, which seeks to reform the distribution of funding to schools, with issues relating to the quantum of funding for all schools.

“There will be compelling reasons to reform the funding system so that it ensures a fairer distribution of the overall funding that is available, taking account of factors such as deprivation. However, schools should also ensure that funding that is already available is used appropriately to support teachers to secure the best outcomes for all pupils.”

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